My roots are firmly planted on the west coast of British Columbia, and it’s from this place—both land and sea—that I draw my inspiration.

I’m passionate about the marine environment, having grown up on Vancouver Island and being a boater since a very young age. Before ‘retiring’ to life as a photographer, I served for many years at the helm of the Georgia Strait Alliance, a conservation group working to protect the Strait and its adjacent waters.

Many of my photos are shot from our boat or my kayak, exploring BC’s amazing and intricate coastline. But I also spend much of my time focusing on nature in my garden and close to home on Gabriola Island (one of BC's Gulf Islands).

Natural wonders are still all around us, just waiting to be recognized, appreciated and protected. I hope you enjoy my photos—and if they help to nurture your own passion for our natural environment, so much the better!